How to check someone's Snapchat Score

How to check someone’s Snapchat Score


Scoring individuals based on how they engage, how frequently they connect, what they are doing, when they will do it, and who seems gloomy. Still, it is a relatively innocuous way of determining how much someone uses Snapchat. That’s why checking the score of someone’s Snap has become one of the most controversial elements of the present society.

The Snapchat score is just a little reward that frequent users receive for using the app more frequently. The Snap Score is more than simply a status indicator for many people. It’s a means to check whether a new pal is frequently using the app, showing others that it is indeed your favorite mode of contact, and can also be used to see if anyone is regularly chatting with several other connections on the network.

Considering all of these things, people are now very much curious and eager to know how to check someone’s snap score. Well, it’s not very difficult; we have brought complete detail about how you can scan someone’s snap score. Along with this complete guideline, you will also have some information about various interesting things. So, let’s start with this interesting article.

Examine your Snapchat score

On the primary Snapchat home page in the app, your Snapchat rating is shown as the amount beneath your outline photo. It appears beneath your username, and over any medals, you may well have, and it is likely to number in the hundreds.

Your score is primarily determined by the number of Photos you make and receive and the number of Stories you create, post, and read. As per Snapchat, there are ‘additional criteria’, although they do not specify what they will be.

Examine somebody’s Snapchat score.

You know that you may view your score, and we even informed you where to find it. That is a valid question. “How can I view another person’s score?” The reply is that you might see another person’s score, but you must be buddies with them on Snapchat to do so.

Here’s how to go about it:

 Open a conversation with the individual whose score you wish to verify.

 From your communications or the emails with this individual, click on the profile symbol.

 Examine their score on the resulting profile page. It was at the upper side, following their username.

If you’re only viewing their Snapchat score, you don’t need to pick any menu choices at the bottom. To click close, open the “back” key on the mobile. Then do it again for all of your pals in the same manner.

How is the Snapchat Score Determined?

A Snapchat score is computed using the following factors:

  • Snapshots were sent
  • Snaps were given
  • Snapshots were added to a tale.

Snapchat adds one point to your Snapchat score for each Snap sent, received, or added most of the time. In rare cases, such as sending/receiving Snap after a lengthy time, you may receive more than a single point.

In any case, your text chats are not counted against your Snapchat rating. Only when a picture or video is shared is it considered a Snap.

Increase your Snapchat score

Snapchat scores increase as you are using the app longer. Still, we understand that sending and receiving Snaps, creating Stories, adding friends, and keeping Snap Streaks contribute significantly to that score.

According to most credible ideas, simple private communications do not boost your snap score, but actively participating in group conversations does.

ü, Send daily Snaps day and night to your buddies to boost your score. Either one-two more Snap every day can quickly add up.

ü, Read each Snap or Story you come across. If it’s unpleasant to read or even glance at them, you’ll score points just for opening them.

ü Celebrities may be followed and interacted with. They did not only send hundreds of Snaps every day, which, when opened, will assist you in building up points, but they’ll also not protest about receiving dozens back from you. Several celebrities employ companies to handle their presence on social media, so they may not be aware of them.

ü Brands should be followed and interacted with. As previously said, most significant businesses will hire agencies or social media marketers. Following brands and sending them Snaps should have the same impact, especially if you can send a brand product.

ü, Get rid of Snapchat. Doesn’t it seem stupid? Do you get points for having to give up? You receive a scoring bump if you leave the app for a bit and then return.

This is nothing new to you, but these are the only published strategies to improve your Snap score.

Note: Finally, avoid websites that claim to be able to improve your score in 24 hours for a few bucks. They are frequently bogus, and some may even utilize hijacked accounts to complete their tasks. While your Snapchat score may improve, no one wants to promote hacking or other illicit conduct.

You’ll encounter a flood of spam or a slew of surveys to fill out at best. In the worst-case scenario, you encourage these hackers to breach other Snapchat accounts, ruining the service for thousands of users.

Is It Necessary to Increase the Score of Snapchat?

Snapchat does not give official information on what a better score may achieve for users. As a result, increasing your Snapchat score isn’t all that crucial. That might change soon, though, given Snapchat’s rapid evolution and constant rollout of new features.

Why am I able to Snapchat somebody but cannot see the score?

If you really can Snapchat somebody but can’t see their rating, it implies they either didn’t add you back or unfriended you. The snap score is displayed only if both parties have added one another as friends, and both sides will not see one other’s score until one adds the other as a friend on Snapchat.

Only if you’re friends with someone can you check their Snapchat score. Furthermore, they must not have deleted or blocked you. If they unfriended you, you won’t match their score since Snapchat would conceal it from you.

Similarly, if you block someone on Snapchat, they will be deleted as of a buddy, and their account will be concealed.

1.  They did not re-add you.

The first explanation you may Snapchat others but not view their score is that they can’t add you again as a friend, and I wouldn’t be able to check the person’s Snapchat score if they didn’t add you back.

Even though you can give them snaps, their snapping score will be concealed from you until they add you back.

That’s when you’ll realize they didn’t include you. Assume you’ve newly added somebody on Snapchat and then sent them a picture. If someone did not add you back, their snap score would not be displayed next to their username.

So, if you want to check the user’s score, you must wait for them to re-add you on Snap. Otherwise, it will remain secret as long as they do not.

2.  They deactivated you as a friend.

You wouldn’t be able to check the person’s Snapchat score if they unfriended you. When someone unfriends you on Snapchat, their Snapchat score is concealed from you, which is a typical reason they are unable to view their score.

One of the most typical reasons you may Snapchat (send snaps to) someone and not views their score is this. It’s a common fallacy that if someone erases you, you won’t be capable of sending them snaps.

Even if someone erases you, you can still give them snaps. Nevertheless, the condition of the photos you’ve sent will not be displayed as “delivered.” Furthermore, there will be no blue arrow next to their name, and instead, there’ll be a grey arrow/chat window with the label “pending” next to it.

This means the person would have either unfollowed you, deleted you from Snapchat, or did not add you back at this point. The individual must add you back on Snapchat for you to see their snap score.

Is it possible to check anyone’s Snapchat score if you aren’t friends?

If you aren’t friends, you won’t be able to check someone’s Snapchat score. If someone unfriended you or did not add you again, their rating will be concealed from you. Unless both users have added one another as friends, will the Snapchat score be available?

Both parties must add each other on Snapchat for you to see someone’s score, and instead, the record will be concealed. Although if you add someone as a buddy, you won’t view their score until they add them again.

When both parties have added one another and back, you may view the person’s score by viewing their profile. The score will be published beneath their username on the person’s profile.


We have tried to provide complete and detailed guidelines to make things easy for you to check someone’s snap score. However, you must keep in mind that these scores are just numbers, and you don’t just make hype on these numbers, and you must understand that these snaps are just for fun and enjoyment.

Also, find out how to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat.

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