How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair

How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair

You probably don’t like wearing your hair long if you’re like me. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the benefits of extensions altogether! I’ll show you how to hide extensions in very short hair in this post. So whether you’re rocking a bob or a pixie cut, follow these tips, and nobody will be the wiser.

What makes hair extensions not blend with my short hair?

The main reason hair extensions don’t usually work with short hair is that the extension can be easily seen at the root. In other words, the extensions are not hidden well enough.

This is especially true if your natural hair is very short. The extension will stand out like a sore thumb because there’s simply nowhere to hide it!

But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of wearing extensions altogether. You can do a few things to make sure your extensions blend in seamlessly, even with very short-length hair.


Here are some tips:

  1. Choose the right color

This is probably the most important step. If your hair extensions are even a little bit off in color, they will be very noticeable.

Make sure to choose a shade that matches your natural hair color as closely as possible. If you’re not sure, it’s always better to err on the side of a slightly lighter shade. You can always use a temporary color spray to darken the extensions if needed.


  1. Cut and style the extensions

Once you have the right color, it’s time to cut and style the extensions, so they blend in with your natural hair.

If your hair is very short, you’ll need to get creative with this step. One option is to cut the extensions into short pieces and then use them to create tiny braids or cornrows along your scalp.

Another option is to cut the extensions into small, thin strips and then use them to create a makeshift headband. You can also cut the extensions into little squares and use them as hair clips.


  1. Use the right product

You’ll need to use the right styling product to make your extensions blend in. A great option is clear dry shampoo.

Spray the dry shampoo onto your scalp, and then use a fine-tooth comb to distribute it evenly. The dry shampoo will help to camouflage the roots of your extensions and make them blend in more seamlessly.


  1. Be patient

The key to making your hair extensions look natural is taking your time and being patient. It might take a few tries to get everything right, but it’s worth it!


How to hide hair extensions in short hair?

It’s easy! Just follow these simple tips:

  1. Choose the right extensions.

 If you have very short hair, you’ll need to use more minor, micro-sized extensions. Anything more significant will be too bulky and noticeable.


  1. Attach the extensions close to your scalp.

 This will help to camouflage them and make them less noticeable.


  1. Use a color that matches your locks  closely. If your extensions are too different in color from your natural hair, they’ll stand out more.


  1. Style as usual. Once you’ve attached the extensions, style your hair as you usually would. This will help to blend them in and make them less noticeable.

Following these simple tips, you’ll be able to hide your extensions even if you have very short hair! Give it a try and see for yourself.

Go for a heavier weight set.

Of extensions. If you have very short hair, you’re going to want to opt for a heavier weight set of extensions. This will help add volume and give the illusion of thicker, fuller locks.

Choose a shorter length. Another way to make your extensions less noticeable is to choose a shorter size. This way, they won’t be sticking out and drawing attention to themselves.

Match your hair color. This one is a no-brainer, but it’s still worth mentioning. If you want your extensions to blend in seamlessly, then match your hair color as closely as possible.

Choose a texture that matches your own. Another critical factor to consider is the texture of your extensions. If you have great hair, you’ll want to choose extensions on the more delicate side. Conversely, if you have thick or coarse locks, you’ll want to opt for extensions with a similar texture. This will help to ensure that your extensions blend in seamlessly.

Use a clip-in method. If you’re looking for a quick way to wear extensions, the clip-in process is your best bet. You can take them out whenever you want, and they’re much less likely to be noticed.

Be careful with styling products. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to hide extensions is using too much product. This can cause your extensions to become matted and clumpy, which will make them very noticeable. So, be sure to use styling products sparingly and only on the lower half of your locks.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to hide your extensions in very short hair without any issues. So go ahead and give them a try! You might be surprised at how well they work.

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