How to Create Perfect Instagram Content That Stands Out Among Competition

Do you know the secret recipe to increasing engagement on Instagram? Of course, it’s by creating and sharing attractive content on the platform. Instagram is a well-known, highly visualizing platform. However, since its launch, incredible features have emerged that offer a tremendous opportunity to be more creative. With user-friendly Instagram features, anyone can create the perfect posts that impact customers’ minds to make a purchase.

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However, if you are striving to create the most amazing Instagram content that gets the most attention, then read this article to the end to know the answer.


10 Best Ideas to Compete With Competition

Once you start using the platform, you will explore endless posts on Instagram. There are nearly over 300 million photos shared on Instagram daily. Making your image stand out requires creativity and an impressive idea. Users will keep scrolling through the feeds on Instagram till they find interesting or unique posts.

Content with extreme creativity will pique user interest to stop scrolling the posts. So, crazily create something funny that gets the most users’ attention. You have to think widely about your niche. Well, as there is plenty of content on Instagram, you can get great inspiration by searching:


  • Your Discover feed


  • Potential hashtags


  • Your competitor’s accounts


#1 Set Up Your Phone’s Camera Settings

If you have decided to create the most attractive Instagram photos, then you have to hone your photographic skills. But first, let you get familiar with the phone’s camera built-in features to use it wisely.

With great vision, you can use the phone’s camera and create a highly visualizing image. You can also best utilize Trollishly to boost your content reach and uplift your online presence.

The list of photo features that you can take advantage of


  • Portrait mode


  • Filters


  • Frames (traditional VS square)


  • HDR mode


  • Live mode


  • Stability mode


  • Pano


More importantly, it only depends on overexposed images, flash, and autofocus.

  • Don’t Depend on Autofocus: If you want to take pictures quickly in a moment, it is worth considering autofocus. However, you should know how to control the focus to take a better image manually.

While taking plenty of images, manual control is faster than autofocus. You can take the picture by clicking on the point of the image that you like to highlight.

  • Neglect Overexposed Images: Most amateur photographers often make this mistake while taking pictures. First, let you know what overexposure and underexposure are. Overexposure means taking a photo too bright, and underexposure means taking a photo too dark.

Both images will not bring a clear picture. So it is essential to focus on shooting photos with enough brightness and darkness. Shoot images that look too natural by adjusting the brightness mode.

Next, swipe up or down the slider to get your desired exposure. Remember, during post-production, you cannot modify the image’s exposure.

  • Avoid Flash Lights: Great visualizing images on Instagram requires natural lighting and little photo editing. Get to know that flash is more valuable, but when a flash blows out, it could affect the quality of your image. So try to avoid using flashlights.


#2 Consider Proper Lighting Source

If you are a photographer, the first thing you need to care about is the lighting source. Taking photos in great lighting will change the look of an image. To utilize the lighting, explore the types of sources:


  • Natural lighting: Light gets from nature or the sun.


  • Artificial lighting: Lamp, ring light, or selfie light


  • Light patches: Beams of natural light or artificial light


Lighting can make or break photos, so focus on the lighting source and edit it more cautiously to attract a wide range of users.


#3 Focus on Depth of Field

A great way to make your content stand out on Instagram is by emphasizing the depth of field. If the image’s main subject you want to capture is intended rather than its surroundings, you have to focus on the field at a greater distance.

Well, with the wise usage of camera focus features, you can take images. If the image you share is more attractive, it will capture viewers’ attention.


#4 Play With Different Angles

Have you been clever about phone settings, lighting, and depth of field? Then, play with different angles and capture images from new perspectives. Of course, placing the camera in a diverse range of angles will help to create an image that gets the viewer’s attention.

Whether it’s a desk, railing, ground, or table, it works better. And to increase your followers, you can utilize Trollishly, which would increase the visibility of your content. Moreover, it would impact the users and aid in gaining more customers.


#5 Emphasize Complementary Colors

Do you like to stop your potential audience from scrolling your Instagram feed? Creating content with complementary colors will make you wonder about stopping the potentially searching eyes. As per the studies, color combos for Instagram will do magic.

The list of color combos is as follows:


  • Living coral & pacific coast


  • Blue & orange


  • Royal blue & peach


  • Sky blue and white


  • Black and orange

If you try out these combinational colors, you can inspire many people and make them stay engaged with your posts.


#6 Draw Users’ Attention With White Space

If you take advantage of the white space, your image can capture many viewers’ attention. Utilizing white space is a great way to get the user’s attention. However, highlighting too much work in one image will create a distracting viewer experience. So you can effectively utilize the white space to highlight the products you want.


#7 Actively Utilize Grid Feature

Every smartphone’s camera has a grid feature that you can activate when you need it. Using the grid, you can bring the focus of the picture to the center of the frame. You can also improve your picture composition by following the rule of thirds. Look over your camera settings to ensure that you have enabled grid features on your camera. With the effective use of grids, you can effortlessly crop the images and maintain consistency in your work.


#8 Utilize Burst Mode

Do you want to take a snapshot of a fast-moving object? If yes, utilizing burst mode is a great idea. If you don’t use this mode, it will get blurry images. With the effective use of Burst Mode, you can take still photos of any moving objects. It is really fantastic news to know that by using camera settings, anyone can take 10 pictures within a second. It increases the chance of snapping the perfect shot.


#9 Select the Impactful Photo Mode

Nowadays, smartphone users are increasing more than ever, and to create impactful images, be mindful of the photo modes. Once you have chosen the photo mode, you must ensure the camera is ready to capture the highly visualizing image. If you need to learn about the photo mode, try experimenting with different modes and choose the best one.


#10 Edit Your Photos

Finally, edit your photos like a professional using photo editing tools and include graphics to your photos to make them highly attractive. Embedding graphics in your photos will transform your photo and share high-quality images. In addition, you could become a great photographer and be creative by all means. You can also effectively use filters and effects to make your photos more appealing.


What Happens if Your Instagram Posts Look Good?

Are you surprised to know the benefits you will get after sharing attractive images? Here, let you know:


  • Get more followers


  • Higher engagement


  • Increased partnership opportunities


  • Build credibility & authority


  • Boost conversation


  • Drive more sales and leads


Wrapping It Up

Gratefully, you now have to explore practical IG tips and tricks to take more impactful photos. Then what? Make sure to practice the techniques in the right way and schedule your post frequently to build a long-lasting relationship with potential customers. Finally, create eye-appealing content, boost engagement and make it go viral. It makes your content stay away from the competition. Simultaneously, you can skyrocket your brand’s sales and improve your sales and revenue.

Create attractive content & ramp up on the platform!

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