5 Major Advantages Of Using Digital Signage Billboards

Digital signage has become a powerful tool in Australia for promoting brands, showing off items, and, ultimately, making more money. It is a form of electronic billboard advertising and brand promotion that uses moving images and text to tell customers about a company’s products and encourage sales. Industry predictions say that advertising with digital signage in Australia will grow into a $20 billion market by 2023.

Digital Billboards Can Impart Exhaustively

By announcing schedules, emergency information, and product details in real time, they can give businesses an edge over the competition.

Here are five ways digital signage can help you grow your business in a time when people are less interested in traditional forms of advertising and the cost of getting new customers keeps rising.

1. Superior Rates Of Recall And Retention

Compared to static ads, digital ones will be seen by 400% more people. They can get more people to watch, and 83% of people remember them better than more traditional forms of media. Eight of ten customers will go to a business just because of a sign. This means that the business will almost certainly get more foot traffic and new customers. Using time-in-line update monitors has cut down on how long people think they have to wait in service-intensive industries like banking, healthcare, and retail. This has improved operational efficiency and kept customers coming back. Customers are happier and more likely to come back, which increases sales at stores that already exist.

2. Increase In Profits

Sixty per cent of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale, so it’s essential to use persuasive text, graphics, and videos to attract and engage customers. As per statistics, digital signage can increase sales by up to 33% for up to 80% of businesses. Digital signage in Australia, sometimes called “Visual Communications,” can create an immersive experience for customers by instantly changing and distributing compelling content when and where it matters most. This makes it easier to cross-sell, up-sell, and sell things on the spot. Through this, you can keep an eye on digital signage ads and get data analytics and reports on market trends and sales performance.

3. Low-Cost

Because traditional billboards and posters of different sizes are no longer needed, businesses that use digital signage software can save money on printed materials like brochures, menu boards, traditional billboards, and giant posters. Digital signage can help companies to save money and time because they no longer have to keep physical storage space for promotional materials. Instead of spending money on printing and materials, a company can use that money to make more interesting and engaging content and images.

4. Simple To Setup And Use

With just a few clicks of the mouse, your ads can be changed to reflect the changing tastes of the people you want to reach. The plan can also be quickly and easily sent to other places to implement. The only platform that makes it easy to create, share, and update new content with little work.

5. Electronic Linking

A digital billboard also can show RSS feeds, weather updates, and ads for products and services. It can also be used to show video ads for products and services that support the brand’s overall message. With the development of this technology, there are now more ways to get customer feedback.


Digital billboards not only allow people to hear about products and services from happy customers but also make it easy for people to give immediate feedback. Since 92% of people trust the opinions of their friends and family more than they do ads, adding social media assets to your product information will help promote your brand and make people trust you more.