Who Is Elon Musk And What Does He do

Who Is Elon Musk And What Does He do

“What creates history, Of Course, brilliant minds and personalities.”

Let’s get deeper into this and study one of the most influential personalities Elon Musk. We all have heard about Asperger’s Syndrome; Elon Musk revealed that he got affected by that syndrome and joked about it during his opening monologue.

Despite this syndrome, he has been excelling and controlling many industries in today’s world, such as Tesla, Nasa, SpaceX, Neural ink, and The Boring company. Astonishingly, a person with some deficiency has been controlling all these sectors.

There is some unique feature present there, which has been researched and concluded that Elon Musk IQ is much higher than average. His IQ is thought to be around 155-160, which is equal to the IQs of Bill Gates, Einstein, and Hawking. 

IQ can be abbreviated as Intelligence Quotient.

Measured Elon Musk IQ in his teenage, he held an entrepreneur’s mindset since childhood as he wrote a code for his video game at the young age of twelve and sold it to a company. He started his own company at the age of twenty-four and once said that. 

“Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.”

He always considers his failures as the steps towards success. 

He always thinks of practical utility and continually moves society towards using renewable resources, AI, and travel to space because his creativity and innovation are always in abundance.

The personality type of Elon Musk 

Myers-Brigg personality type indicator is the most widely used tool for measuring personalities, and when Measuring Elon Musk’s personality, it was INTP type, which can be abbreviated as: 

I =(introvert), N= (intuition), T=(thinking) and P= (perceiving). These personalities are usually analytic thinkers, problem solvers, optimists, stagnant or innovators. These personalities usually have higher IQs, similar to Elon Musk IQ. Also, they give room to new ideas and thoughts. They use patterns or impressions rather than senses to envision the world. 

Why he is a genius?

Elon Musk IQ is exceptional; therefore, he runs these huge businesses and enslavers them. Otherwise, an average person can’t attain this success without a higher IQ. Celeb Answers researched Elon Musk IQ and concluded that he got these innate abilities naturally and started business even at a very young age. Moreover, all his success stories predict that his intelligence is thought to be more natural than learned. 

At the age of 17, he got bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Economics. After successfully getting these degrees, he enrolled in Stanford University and completed a Ph D. IN Energy Physics.

Experts consider him a genius because, according to studies, the average IQ of an ordinary person ranges from 85 to 115. According to Business Insider, IQ ranging higher than 140 is considered to be very high. Genius people’s IQ starts from 160, Einstein and Hawking had an IQ range of 160.

  • He proposed the critical components of success such as:
  • Be open to questioning your assumptions
  • Failures are part of success.
  • Let innovation evolve, and so on.

WE call a person genius, intelligent and high achiever by associating his mental abilities to their work; the same is for Elon Musk. No one could achieve success similar to Musk without exceptional skills or abilities.

Musk has mastered many technology sectors such as artificial intelligence, space, solar energy and hyperloop technology. Every sector requires a higher level of intelligence, and we shall discuss his success in these fields, associating it with his IQ.


Musk has once said that humans should get life to Mars and start continuation there if the Earth Is ravaged by extreme events like pandemics or nuclear war. This thought became the basis of his business called SpaceX. This powerful thought of human existence gives us an account of the Elon Musk IQ, which is brilliant in every way. He entitled a vision of the business in 2001 that emphasized privatizing and establishing strong connections between humans and space. 

He invested with different people and suggested making affordable rockets that became the interest of many industries and gained high-rise success quickly. As a result, the company has launched several rockets in space; some were failures, while some were successful. 


This company is dependent on the vision of changing the existing devastating climatic condition of the Earth and making it less harmful for humans. Tesla is working on developing such vehicles, which would benefit from altering the present status quo of carbon emission in the environment. Musk pushed the idea of environment-friendly electric vehicles as an alternative for consuming energy.

Elon Musk IQ stunned us here also when he talked about electric vehicles as environment friendly even, he talks about vegan interiors of the vehicles, including steering wheels.

In addition, now the company is working on making the vehicles affordable for the working-class community of the world.

Another major initiative by the company is to make solar energy familiar in the industrial sector to lessen the devastating effects of industrial pollution.

The Boring Company 

Don’t think of this company as dull, and it is another significant evidence of a higher Elon Musk IQ. This company emphasizes the enhancement of transportation of the United States of America by building tunnels all over the country. The news has spread across the Globe that the company is ahead of establishing metro services across cities for speedy and convenient transport.

A well-known Elon Musk’s Quotewell suits here: 

“The difficulty of the problems you solve is directly proportional to the amount you get paid”.

Attributes associating with Elon Musk IQ 

Photographic memory 

Elon musk possesses photographic memory as he reads books constantly. He always remembered what he had gone through once in life. So whatever he read, he owned it.  

Reading books

When asked by his brother about his habits, he said that Musk had had a habit of reading since childhood. You will see him reading and learning continuously, and he prefers both fiction and no-fiction in reading. A great story about Musk was that whenever he ran short of books, he started reading Encyclopedia, which stunned everyone. Musk was influential since childhood; the ideas of colonizing and solar energy excited him very early. This book reading and photographic memory helped him excel in life. He always tells people extraordinary ideas give them directions which always fascinate them. Book reading is like reading the failed experiments of your ideas and getting your brain open to exploration. You are continuously learning from other people’s experiences while reading a book.

Surrounded by successful people. 

It was not money that fascinated him but the great ideas; therefore, he always kept himself around successful people who had great ideas. He always makes sure that he revolves around great minds, and then he exploded his ideas by learning from the environment. He is always focused on a long-term vision that benefits him in fame, power, money, and respect.


He is always focused and believes in taking action, not just imagining or dreaming things. Musk strongly emphasizes taking actions based on his thought patterns. He focused on revolutionizing the world with his innovative ideas as he is a legacy thinker. 

One surprising fact is that:

All these attributes were demonstrated and measured at the age of 18.

Wrapping up 

While stating all these factors in the personality of Musk, we can indeed generalize about Elon Musk IQ, that it is higher than average, and he holds some exceptional abilities which are helping him to achieve success in multiple domains of life. Above all, he is kind and generous, that’s why he is thinking of saving human lives and the environment.

Furthermore, he is excellent in managing, planning, organizing, and contributing his countless efforts in everything he does. Therefore, he is considered a genius as he invested, and it is right to say here that he handled the orchestra when musicians were busy playing music. Therefore, he is considered a genius is standing in the limelight due to his continuous efforts. 

The media predicts that Musk is becoming unfit to run his businesses successfully by using his Tweets as evidence. Despite the news, many people still believe in himself as his mentor and follow Musk. According to empirical evidence, many people and experts consider him a genius. By studying his personality, we can generalize that he is undoubtedly a genius.

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