How to find reel drafts on Instagram

How to find reel drafts on Instagram – Step by step procedure and fact-based information

Let’s discover how to find reel drafts on Instagram. Instagram has numerous features for its users. Among them, Instagram offers a unique quality of saving drafts of reels and posts so that users can use them later in the future. Instagram users create their content and post them after the necessary editing and touch-ups. 

But sometimes, they want to save their hosts or reels as a draft. So to fulfill the needs of Instagram users, Instagram has come up with a brilliant feature. 

For that feature, we can easily see the “save as draft” option highlighted on the share page of your Instagram account. Today’s article is about a frequently asked question: how to find reel drafts on Instagram?

 To couple with, we will also put our deep insights on how you can use actual drafts when using your Instagram account and save them accordingly. So this article is full of information and details about the actual currents on Instagram.

However, Instagram users can save as many reels as they want in their drafts and post them whenever they want. However, many people are aware of this option and know how to use it and find their saved reels. 

If you are a beginner and cannot find this option, this article is for you. Furthermore, you can also get a piece of detailed information on how you can edit and play the draft and eventually post it on your feed. 

As per the demand of Instagram users, we will also add a section in this article that will elaborate on how you can delete your saved draft reels from your Instagram profile. So why delay more? Let’s start our comprehensive guide and the complete step-by-step procedure of how to find actual drafts on Instagram 2022.


 How to find reel drafts on Instagram?

Surprisingly, Some people are not very addicted to Instagram, and they do not know much about its features of Instagram. And it is beautiful; there is nothing to worry about as we will answer this particular query where you can find your natural draft saved in your Instagram account.

Here is the step-by-step procedure to find your draft reel on Instagram. You can follow these steps for both iPhone and Android phones.

  1. The first step is to open your Instagram application and click on your profile picture. One can find this option at the bottom right corner of your mobile screen.
  2. By tapping on your profile screen, you can see another screen coming right in front of you; tap on the reels tab in the center.
  3. Remember, your reel section will only show up if you have created a real or saved your first real as a draft. If you don’t have any reel already held in your Instagram account, there will be no accurate section on your profile screen.
  4. Opening your whole section, click on the drafts option, and now you can see the actual drafts in your view team that you saved earlier.
  5. Finally, you can add it or delete the draft reels from here.

Got it? If yes, now you have the complete method of finding reel drafts on Instagram? Now you can post reels for all your followers and dear ones.

 Now it’s time to head toward another essential section of our article. Let’s get into it and explore more Instagram features that you can use to entertain your followers.

 Post-draft reels on Instagram profile

 Indeed, many people do not know how to use actual drafts on Instagram, and they assume that they cannot get their hands on their draft trees if they have closed their app. But it is not true; you can quickly get your draft rules and use them accordingly.

It is straightforward and almost effortless to post a draft reel anytime on your Instagram profile. Go to your draft folder and click on the particular revolution you want to post. At this point, you can also make different changes to the reel to make it more effective and entertaining. 

For instance, Instagram users can add caption allocation or set any cover picture. In addition to it, you can also tag people on that particular post or be honest. Instagram allows people to add different stickers, attractive filters, and engaging music to their reels. 

Now, if you have gone through the final touch-ups of your reel, tap on the share button. In the end, do the final confirmations and publish your real video on your Instagram profile.

 As you know, we have completed two significant sections of our article. One is how to find actual drafts on Instagram, and the other is how you can post your real videos.

Edit Instagram reels

Though, everyone wants their Instagram reels to be more fascinating. For this purpose, you can edit it. To proceed with editing the reels, tap on the “edit” option on the share screen. 

A screen will appear with several features, and by using them, you can edit the reels. You can add different texts in unique fonts and styles, eye-catchy stickers, voice-over, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  1.       How to recover deleted reels draft on Instagram?

The users can recover their deleted reels on Instagram. In this regard, you need to go to the “settings”. Choose the “Account” option. You will see numerous possibilities; scroll down and stop on the” recently deleted” option. 

If you have deleted any of your reels, you can easily find them here. Click on the restore option to again get them on your Instagram account.

  1.       How we can post-draft reels on Instagram?

You can post-draft reels by opening the “draft” folder. Select the particular that you want to upload. Make changes according to your desire and tap on the “share” option. Now it’s on your Instagram profile.

  1.       What to do if Instagram drafts disappear?

The user might face the issue that their drafts disappear sometimes. No problem at all, all you need to do is update your Instagram application. Open the play store, search for the Instagram app and update it. 

Still, if you are not getting Instagram drafts, wait for a while and let Instagram remove the issue.  

  1.       How to save a reel to camera roll?

Instagram allows people to save a reel to their camera roll. Keep watching the reels; click on the three dots if you want to save anyone. Tap on the “save” option. And it is now in your camera roll.


In a nutshell, it is a straightforward procedure to find reel drafts on Instagram. And in this guide, we have elaborated a detailed explanation and step-by-step method to do it. If you follow all these steps, you will successfully get your hands on the saved reels on Instagram.

In addition to it, we expect that you have got all the answers to your queries. And now, you can confidently create reels and post them on your Instagram account. Hence, you can also use other unique features to embellish your reels and other videos on the Instagram application.

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